Dear Faculty and Staff,

Welcome back for the new school year. As you look around the campus, you’ll see that the i2e Campus Transformation did not pause for a summer vacation. Quite the contrary! A number of projects have been completed to refresh our facilities and provide interim improvements, including new lobby and collaboration furniture additions, classroom renovations, and residence hall updates. Also, the campus expansion into MetroTech Center is well underway, and with it we can look forward to great new academic, administrative and event spaces.

Please look forward to an announcement about President Hultin’s upcoming Town Hall – to be held on Wednesday, October 12th from noon-2:00 PM at 15 MetroTech Center’s 2nd floor event space—which will include, among other topics, an update on the i2e Campus Transformation. We look forward to a successful academic year and continued strides in ensuring that our physical environment reflects NYU-Poly’s academic objectives.

Thank you,

Dennis Dintino
Vice President of Finance and Business Affairs


We have made a number of smaller improvements to our current facilities that we believe will make a significant impact for our students and other members of the NYU-Poly community. As the new school year kicks off, members of the NYU-Poly community will notice and enjoy:

  • Refurbished Classrooms — Seven classrooms in Rogers Hall have been updated with fresh paint and new floors (either vinyl composition tile (VCT) flooring or eco-friendly carpeting) and will be outfitted with new furniture in the coming weeks. The newly refurbished classrooms in Rogers Hall are RH 203, RH 425, RH 601, RH 603, RH 605, RH 615 and RH 704. Other classrooms – RH 202 and RH 204 – will be outfitted with new chairs in the coming weeks. Also, all classrooms on campus have been inspected as part of our ongoing general maintenance routine, and necessary repairs were made accordingly.
  • Honors Lounge – The Honors Lounge in Rogers Hall has been relocated to both carve out additional classroom space and provide a more comfortable and contemporary setting for users of the lounge. The new Honors Lounge is located in the lower level of Rogers Hall in RH 012. The former Honors Lounge (RH 216) has been reconfigured and fully renovated to create a new classroom, RH 214, complete with new furniture, flooring and fresh paint.
  • Lobby Furniture – Colorful, contemporary furnishings now enliven the lobbies of the Jacobs Academic Building (JAB), the Bern Dibner Library Building and also the 4th floor of JAB. The groupings of contemporary lounge chairs, stools, tables and benches in red and blue hues inject pops of color and create inviting spaces for members of our community and visitors alike.
  • PolyPods – Complementing the new lobby furniture, smaller furniture groupings – called PolyPods – have been sprinkled throughout Rogers Hall on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th floors. The PolyPods were designed to facilitate and encourage impromptu collaborations among members of our community and to enliven previously under-utilized spaces.
  • Othmer Updates – Installation of a new energy-efficient, LED lighting system in Othmer Residence Hall began in August and is slated to be completed by November. Other updates to Othmer include fresh paint, new furniture for the first floor lounge, and significant roof repairs.

Many of these updates respond directly to input received from members of our community. I’d like to extend a special thank you to the Associate Provosts for working with us to identify top classroom renovation needs for the new school year and, of course, to our Facilities team for making these updates, while continuing to be highly involved in our larger campus transformation efforts. The Space Planning Committee, comprised of faculty, staff and student members, deserves recognition for leading the PolyPods initiative, including the lobby furniture updates. PolyPods marks the second project designed to improve the campus which the Committee has steered – the first being Project 2010, the renovation of the main corridor and café of Rogers Hall completed last fall.


Last spring, we signed leases for academic space at 2 MetroTech Center (9th and 10th floors) and administrative space at 15 MetroTech Center (6th floor). This expansion into MetroTech Center represents a critical initiative of our Capital Transformation designed to: free up space in our current facilities to be reallocated for academic uses; jumpstart the depopulation of the Jacobs Administration Building (JB), making way for the redevelopment of the site; and impart a more campus-like feel as the Institute presence surrounds the central square.

2 Metrotech Center

The spaces in 2 MetroTech Center will become home to two academic departments – Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). The space formerly housed a large data center, providing a sophisticated IT infrastructure upon which to build. With renovations scheduled for completion by November, the 10th floor will accommodate a number of ECE and CSE faculty offices, research and work space for post-docs, graduate students and department administration. Once these moves are completed in early January, a timeframe more optimal and convenient for impacted faculty, thousands of square feet in the Dibner Building will be freed up that can be repurposed for student services, and possibly classrooms and other academic spaces. ECE and CSE labs located in the basement level of the Dibner Building will remain in place.

The 9th floor of 2 MetroTech Center will accommodate new classrooms of varying sizes, faculty offices, a new server room to provide more reliable service to all NYU-Poly users, as well as support the needs of ECE and CSE researchers, and dry computational labs for new hires in those departments. The build-out and move into the 9th floor space will be completed in time for the start of the Fall 2012 semester. When this floor comes online, several thousand square feet of space in Rogers Hall will become available for creating new and expanded equipment-based and “wet” laboratories for new faculty hires.

We continue to work with the ECE and CSE departments to ensure that the new space will support their growth and improvement, and are close to finalizing plans. We’ll be rolling out more specifics about the 2 MetroTech Center space in subsequent communications.

15 Metrotech Center

The first of the spaces scheduled to be occupied, as it is in nearly “move-in ready” condition, is the 6th floor of 15 MetroTech Center, which will accommodate many of the administrative departments currently located within the Jacobs Administration Building (JB). The space is a bright, contemporary, professional working environment – outfitted with cubicle work stations, uniform-sized interior offices, and three well-furnished conference rooms for use by all members of our community. By placing departments close together, the space will foster collaborations between departments and streamline our operations.

The departments to be relocated to the space, along with the anticipated move dates, follow:

  • Phase 1: Information Systems moved in early August. (Note: The Help Desk remains in Rogers Hall.)
  • Phase 2: Finance and Business Affairs, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, and Web and Media Services are scheduled to move on September 16th.
  • Phase 3: Office of the President, Office of the Provost, Office of Sponsored Research, Development and Alumni Relations, Dean of Student Affairs, Enterprise Learning and ePoly tentatively are scheduled to move on October 14th.

The projected move dates are designed to minimize disruption to the Poly community, particularly with the start of the new academic year. Please note that, while there may be a slight delay in response times in some departments during the move, these delays should be minimal. Moves will take place on Fridays, allowing the weekend for setting up so that departments will be open for business on the following Monday morning. The IS department move in early August went very smoothly and, the day after its move, the department was fully functional.

While we will continue to provide updates during each phase of the move, please plan accordingly for these relocations. Once the move-in to the 6th floor is complete, anyone with an NYU-Poly ID card will have swipe access through 15 MTC lobby security and into the 6th Floor space during regular business hours.

In early August, just days after the Information Systems team settled into its new home at 15 MetroTech Center, Jerry Hultin and I hosted an Open House for members of the NYU-Poly community who will be moving into the new space this fall. Attendees had an opportunity to learn more about the timing and logistics of the moves, experience the building’s event space, and tour the new 6th floor suite. Responses to the new space and the building were overwhelmingly positive.

Event Space

As part of the 15 MetroTech Center lease, NYU-Poly will have access to reconfigurable, high-end event space in the building that can accommodate up to 260 people. In early August, departments across NYU-Poly were invited to preview the generously sized space – 68 feet wide x 92 feet long – with an eye towards using it for future events and meetings.

Highlights of the event space include:

  • Bright, airy room with two walls of windows that overlook the MetroTech Center commons
  • Central air conditioning and zoned thermostat that may be adjusted
  • Commercial-grade kitchen use included
  • Room can be configured in a variety of ways and subdivided for breakouts and smaller groups
  • Furniture is included with the use of the space; a variety of tables, seating, and equipment available
  • Audio-visual equipment is available for use and may be augmented with NYU-Poly equipment, as required

Departments soon will receive more information regarding the parameters for usage of the space, costs involved, and other details. To streamline the bookings and event set-up process, there will be one point of contact for NYU-Poly to the event space operators. In the short term, please direct requests for usage of the space and related questions to Bethany Jankunis (


Now that pivotal moves into MetroTech Center have been set into motion, we can begin to plan the space and programming needs required to eventually house student services in the Dibner Building and student activities in the Wunsch Building. These moves further advance our goal of depopulating the Jacobs Administration Building (JB) to make way for the redevelopment of the site.

In the midst of all the activity with the MetroTech Center Expansion, we are turning our attention back to Rogers Hall, where the i2e Campus Transformation started with the renovations of the corridor and café last year. The heart of the NYU-Poly campus, Rogers Hall will be renovated to create new and expanded equipment-based and “wet” laboratories for new faculty hires. Master planning for Rogers Hall, to determine how to optimize and utilize the building’s space most efficiently and effectively, will get underway later this semester.

Additionally, as “green” is a driving principle of the campus transformation, we’re hard at work with Campus Green-Up on a number of initiatives – big and small, far-term and near-term – that will help NYU-Poly become a great example of a sustainable, urban campus.

We’ll be sure to keep the community updated on the progress of these efforts that are on the horizon as more details become available. In the meantime, please direct your feedback and questions related to the i2e Campus Transformation to: