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From media execs to engineers to chess players to hacker watchers, PolyThinkers are making a difference—and making an impact—in our world. Meet some of our recent alumni, current students and award-winning faculty who are doing outstanding and vibrant things with their NYU-Poly education and resources.
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Iryna Zenyuk
Mechanical Engineering

Iryna Zenyuk is one busy and world-traveled freshman. Recently returned from Greece, she is now off to California. Fun in the sun? More like long hours in a quiet room with intense people bent over tables. Welcome to the world of a chess champion. Read more >

Professor Keith W. Ross
Computer Science

A covert Internet war is raging between the entertainment industry and consumers, and Polytechnic Professor Keith W. Ross has uncovered record companies’ quiet attack on digital piracy.
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Nercy Escobedo
Computer Engineering

Junior Nercy Escobedo spent her summer as an engineering intern at a local television news station, and got the chance of a lifetime to work the two national presidential conventions from the inside.
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Christine Ianuzzi
Electrical Engineering

Although she has the impressive title of vice president at ABC Radio Networks, Christine Ianuzzi still thinks of herself as an engineer. Read more >